Articles by Paula Jessop

Adopted! Rocket

Adopted! Rocket This is Rocket. He is a three year old unaltered rottweiler mix. He is a little small for a rottweiler. He is very, very friendly and good with other dogs.

Adopted! Shay Shay

Adopted! Shay Shay My name is "Shay Shay". I am an 8-year-old spayed female terrier mix. My impound number is showed up to claim me. I like to give hugs and sit on your lap.

Adopted! Cherry

Adopted! Cherry This is "Cherry" a.k.a a691409. She is very sweet and friendly! She has a curly coat, bob tail, and is brown and tan. She is a year and a half and is part Shepherd possibly Australian.

Adopted! -Devon

Adopted! -Devon Hey! My name is Devon. I am looking for a new home. I love other dogs and I am cute and cuddly. I love when people pet me and I can't get enough attention. If you would consider me to be part of your family.

Adopted! - Magnum

Adopted! - Magnum Meow. My name is Magnum. I am a beautiful male lynx point. I am about 2 years old. I love to cuddle and love to purr. I would love for you to stroke my fur. I am the Don of all Juans.


Adopted! I am a handsome dog. I'm not going to tell you my name because I want you to name me. But I will tell you my breed is an American Staff.

Adopted - Hailey

Adopted - Hailey I'm Hailey #696426 and my sister Bubbles (who is also available) and I have been leading the life of adventurers! We lived in a truck with our owner till it caught on fire and now we need a new home. I am a three year old female, black and brown Shepard mix.

Adopted - Sykes

Adopted - Sykes Just like fine wine I get better with age. I am an 8 year old neutered male, Sheperd/Chow mix. Don't let my age fool you! I have the heart and spirit of a puppy. I'm even learning new things like how to sit and stay on command.

Adopted! Brownie

Adopted! Brownie My name is Brownie. I am a beautiful little Boxer in need of love. My owner turned me into the Harbor shelter because I haven't been trained yet. I like to jump a lot. I am smart and learn fast.

Adopted! Stanley

Adopted! Stanley My name is Stanley. I am a Domestic Short Hair. I was really sick with a cold when I came in but the staff at the Harbor has taken good care of me and I'm better now.

Adopted! Malik

Adopted! Malik Hi my name is Malik . I am very, very sweet. Myowner surrendered mebecause I like to hunt. I went after my former owners Pomeranian and I also like to chases cats and birds. I can't help it, I just need too.

Adopted! Elisha

Adopted! Elisha Hello! my name is Elisha. I have been at the North Central Animal Shelter since November 17th, 2004. I am begging you to come and see me. I am so beautiful and very friendly.

Adopted! Bradley

Adopted! Bradley Hi! My name is Bradley . I am a 2 year old male. I have been at the North Central Animal Shelter since February 23rd. I love people and other furry friends. I love to purrrrrrr and I love to rub. You can hold me all night long, but only if you take me home.

Adopted! - Claudia

Adopted!  - Claudia Purrrr, hello, my purrrfectly marvelous new owner. I am Claudia, a 7-month-old Siamese mix. I am a loving cat and I like to have my neck and head rubbed. I would make a great companion animal for someone special just like you.

Adopted! Basil

 Adopted! Basil This cute dog is Basil . He is a border collie mix he is a very happy dog and would be a great family pet. He is not yet neutered and is about 7-8 months old.

Adopted! Redd

Adopted!  Redd My name is Redd . I am a 1-year-old german shepherd mix. I am already neutered and microchipped. I can go home with you the day that you adopt me.

Adopted! Jake

Adopted! Jake Lonely cat seeks loved one. I'm a 6 year old neutered male. You're my wonderful new owner. I've been looking everywhere for you. From sea to shining sea.

Adopted! -Scooby

Adopted! -Scooby This dog is named "Scooby" . He is a white and black border collie mix. He is two years old unneutered. He is very active and playfull. He is a medium to large size dog.


Adopted! This dog is a spayed female about 2 years old, with a mix of labrador and bernese mountain dog mix. She is a wonderfull gentle giant, who gets along with other dogs, and is wonderfull with people too.

Bullseye - Adopted!

 Bullseye  - Adopted! My name is Bullseye and I'm a 2 - yr old neutered brown and white Lab/Cattledog mix. I'm very friendly and I am learning to sit. I get along well with other dogs and I'm very energetic and love to play.

Adopted! Blue

Adopted! Blue My Name is "Blue". I am a 3-year-old neutered Male. I am adventurous, and I love people. Oh don't forget, I love other playmates as well.

Adopted! Scooby

Adopted!  Scooby My name is Scooby.I am a 3 year-old neutered bull Mastiff mix. My owner turned me in to the Harbor Animal Control Center because they were moving and could not take me with them.

Adopted! Sam

Adopted! Sam Here we have Sam a five-year-old chow, Golden Retriever mix, no more than forty pounds of fur ball love. This dog is very sweet and walks on a leash.

Adopted! Lucian

Adopted! Lucian My name is Lucian . I am a neutered male, white Alaskan Malamute mix. My shelter friends figure I am about 9 years old.This dog is a very good-natured dog.

Adopted! Cosmo

Adopted! Cosmo Cosmo. She is 2 years old, spayed and very sweet. When I go into her run to feed or say hi, she lays down on her back. She is very submissive.

Adopted! Lucky

Adopted!  Lucky My name is Lucky . I am a 1-year-old Shepherd/Staff mix. The more the better is my slogan. I like to play and the more love and attention that you can give to me, the better.

Adopted! Spice

Adopted! Spice My name is Spice I.D. #A699156. I am a 1-year-old Chihuahua mix. Sugar and Spice and everything nice thats what puppies are made of. I like to hide under my blanket.

Adopted! Peanut

Adopted! Peanut This is Peanut, he is a 3 year old Pointer mix he is very sweet and walks well on a leash. He loves Puperoni treats.


Adopted! My name? Well, what do you want it to be? I'm a Shepherd mix. I'm not fixed but I'm a very sweet dog about 7 months I get along with people and kids.

Becky - Adopted!

Becky - Adopted! Hi my name is Becky my I.D. is #695302 I am about one year old and my friends at the shelter say I was a stray and am not spayed. I don't know what that means but I can tell you that I am kinda shy and timid but I love to come home with you and be your dog.

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