How to Buy a Used Car Safely

Buying a used car is always risky. Most sellers claim that they have pampered their car and maintain it in a great condition. But the truth is, you do not know how a vehicle has been exploited, whether it has been involved in an accident or its construction has been tampered with. Things like safety and a good technical condition of a vehicle are far more important than the outer look and comfort which you can evaluate during your first car ride when you go to see a seller. Unfortunately the technical state is hard to assess until you buy a car and drive your first few hundreds of miles in it. That’s why a reliable VIN check service is a must.  It can be an answer to your questions and an irreplaceable tool will will bring you peace of mind during your car purchase or otherwise insure you against a bad buy.

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By getting a you receive plenty of useful information which is otherwise impossible to obtain. You get access to a database with info from various proven sources from manufacturers to insurance companies, from police to state registration companies. Therefore, you will obtain a comprehensive report that contains information about:

  • Initial specifications provided by a manufacturer

  • Possible vehicle modifications done by previous owners

  • Accident history

  • Possible flooding

  • Theft of a vehicle

  • Damage done by hail or fire

  • Mileage rollback

  • Registration history

  • Whether a car belonged to a private owner or a company in the past

  • Whether it was used for hire

  • Inspection history

  • Lien orders or repossession

As you can see, such information will be highly beneficial. It is inconspicuous but at the same time of paramount importance, because it has a direct effect on your driving experience: from the lawfulness of your vehicle ownership to the car’s safety parameters. You can evaluate extent of a vehicle’s wear by finding out a true mileage and by whom it has been exploited.

A great thing about VIN check is that it is available to anyone and can be used without any prep work. All you have to do is get a hold of a VIN number, enter the 17-digit code into the search field, press “Enter” and get the results within a few seconds. The report you will get will be transparent, easy to navigate and clear even to a child. All you need to have is access to the VIN number.

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So next time you are going to buy a used car, do not start assessment of its condition by assessing quality of paint and body work, frame, interior and comfort. You might have no further interest in a fairly new car if you find out it has been stolen. So do your homework before you go and see a seller of your car. If there are any skeletons in the cupboard which concern a vehicle, that an owner would like to be quiet about, VIN check will reveal them in a matter of seconds.


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