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Designer Purse Hook for the CAR !!

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Designer Purse Hook For The CAR !!

Cargo Handbag Hook | Crown Motif

Description: "Keep your purse in place no matter how sharp the turn or sudden the stop!" A Car•go hook not only secures your bag in its place, but it also provides a bit of fashion forward 'jewelry' and décor for your car's interior. Your purse will never tumble to the floor of the car again! The Car•go Handbag Hook is distinctively designed to add convenience and style to your car’s interior. The simple snap clip easily swings around to the backside of the seat when there is a front passenger or for additional cargo options, such as grocery bags or totes with longer straps. For additional product information and images, log on to www.cargohandbaghooks.com

Cargo's Capabilities

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Price: $30.00

Published on Jun 15, 2011

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