CarChip Pro

CarChip Pro

Description: Need car information from under the hood or behind the wheel? CarChip Pro is a one-of-a-kind, plug-n-play automotive data-logger technology and software designed to monitor vehicle and driver performance. CarChip Pro is about the size of a nine-volt battery and plugs into any 1996 or later model vehicle through the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port. Users can easily download information from the data logger to a PC using a supplied USB cable and the CarChip software. CarChip Pro provides up to 300 hours of trip details, including time and date, speed, distance, acceleration and deceleration, idle time, and more. It has an audible alarm that notifies motorists when they are exceeding driving parameters. For those involved in an accident, CarChip Pro automatically generates an log that shows the last twenty seconds of speed before the incident—data that might prove invaluable when settling an insurance claim. Performance buffs can also monitor any four out of 23 possible engine parameters, including RPM, throttle position, engine load, and coolant temperature. CarChip Pro offers information on “Check Engine” light problem codes. With CarChip software, users even can clear diagnostic codes themselves. price: $119. Visit or call (800) 678-3669.

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Price: $119.00

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