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CarCheckup: Versatile Gadget for Drivers

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CarCheckup: Versatile Gadget For Drivers

CarCheckup is ready to use right out of the box and has a swing out USB arm built in

Description: CarCheckup is a simple to use, data-gathering and analysis gadget for vehicles. It’s great for drivers who want to monitor the condition of their car, parents who would like to monitor their teen driver and professionals that want to simplify the tracking of business miles. Once CarCheckup is connected to the OBDII port (mandated on all cars made after 1996) it records information about the vehicle’s operation. Then, drivers can plug CarCheckup into their computer with the built-in USB arm, log into their personal account on CarCheckup.com and easily upload the information. It will show miles driven, time spent in various speed bands, maximum speed, trip start and stop times, extreme acceleration/breaking and present and pending “check engine light” code problems. Parents can use the data to help create a safe teen driver contract—without the intrusiveness of GPS based monitoring systems. It also allows professionals to track business mileage and store it an easy-to-access online database. Now there’s no need to track mileage with a pen and paper, and the data can even be exported to MS Excel! It’s ready to use right out of the box and makes a great gift.

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Price: $149.97

Published on Apr 12, 2011

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