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Car Caché™ makes Purse Storage in the Car a Cinch!

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Car Caché™ Makes Purse Storage In The Car A Cinch!

Inconspicuous and Hugely Effective for Purse Storage in the Car

Description: The Car Caché is a Patent Pending invention that keeps your purse close & secure with easy access to its contents without taking your eyes off the road...greatly reducing distracted driving situations! It also eliminates car passenger inconvenience & frustration due to having to watch where they place their feet so as not to step on your purse... keeping 'shoe born' bacteria & dirt from car floor mats away from your handbag's outer surface. The Car Caché can easily accommodate both large & small purses (and bags, gloves, umbrellas, etc!) by simply adjusting the straps to make the small 'cup' at the base of the Caché fit your purse bottom as appropriate.

Convenient, Accessible, and Secure Purse Storage

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Price: $19.95 to $34.95

Published on Dec 03, 2013

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