The supPOCKET; an ingenious range of storage solutions that let you carry things on your SUP board.

The SupPOCKET; An Ingenious Range Of Storage Solutions That Let You Carry Things On Your SUP Board.

The supPOCKET in action! 4 designs in the range

Description: The supPOCKET is great news for those of us who like to venture a little further on our boards and need to transport water, flip-flops, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, or whatever you would like to take with you. Made in the USA from quality, durable components, your supPOCKET is easy to attach and remove with its four super-strong suction cups. The strong netting will expand to hold items such as water bottles, flip-flops, sunscreen, visor, rash guard, snacks or whatever you may need with you, and the zipper design keeps your items securely attached to the board. The supPOCKET’s super low profile design means that it’s less affected by wind or water.

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Price: $49.95 to $50.00

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