Rip-stop Nylon Shoe Bag

Rip-stop Nylon Shoe Bag

Rip-stop Nylon Shoe Bag

Description: The Shoe Bag is made of Spinnaker Cloth and works well as a Laundry Bag when traveling. The Shoe Bag folds up very small when not being used, so you won’t be lugging around a lot of extra baggage. The Shoe Bag is washable which makes it a great gym bag or shoe bag for golfers. Read more about the material below. Material: The material used is called Spinnaker Cloth, it is also known as Rip-Stop Nylon. Although it is extremely thin, it's incredibly strong (hence the name, rip-stop nylon). Spinnaker Cloth is water resistant which keeps the contents dry. It is a washable material. The Spinnaker Cloth Shoe Bag is Eco-Friendly because it is 100% recyclable and no animal byproducts were used in the manufacturing of this product. *Do not put shoe bag into a dryer.

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Price: $9.95 to $10.00

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