Nap26 by Powrnaps(tm)

Nap26 By Powrnaps(tm)

The NAP26 personal MP3 player helps you Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate in 26 minutes.

Description: NAP26™ uses Binaural Beat Technology to train the brain to relax and to awaken without risk of grogginess. A scientific digital modulation process inserts precise pulses and beats that the brain hears. The difference in vibration between one ear and the other stimulates either deeper relaxation or alertness. You will feel like you slept for 3 hours in 26 minutes. In the first few minutes of listening, you will adjust to the sound waves delivered through your headphones. Next, the sound waves guide you through 15 minutes of deep sleep. At the end of 26 minutes, your are brought to a state of heightened wakefulness as you are awakened to birds chirping, feeling refreshed—as though you’ve had a long 3 hour nap.

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Price: $39.99

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