Clickfree Traveler

Clickfree Traveler

Clickfree Traveler

Description: The Clickfree Traveler is a Sleek, Automatic Backup Solution that’s the Size of a Credit Card! Wrapped in a Durable Aluminum Chassis, the Traveler easily connects to your PC or MAC with its slim USB connector that swings out from one side. Clickfree’s Automatic Backup software can Restore your “irreplaceable data” including Personal Photo’s, Music, Video, Documents and Email. Simply connect into your PC or MAC - The Traveler immediately starts to backup your files. Perfect for the traveler. Recover from a lost or stolen laptop in minutes rather than days. No manuals to read, no software to install or setup. Automatically find, organize and backup all of your data onto the Clickfree Traveler. Works right out-of-the-box. Just plug it in and the backup just starts. Backup multiple computers with one Clickfree Traveler!

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Price: $69.99 to $219.99

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