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All travel reviews in Splash magazines may be freely used in your marketing and social media efforts--no restrictions.  And, because our articles stay oniine forever, you never need to worry about broken links.


In addition to individual reviews of restaurants, hotels, museums, sights and other highlights of a city, state or country tour, we do one or more summary articles that provide and overview and link to the combined articles included in the tours.


Some examples--


Tuscany -- and linking to nearly 40 articles -


Scottsdale -- and linking to more than a dozen articles -


Cappadocia -- and linking to hotel, restaurant, sight, etc. articles -



Key West -  and linking to more than a dozen articles


Atlanta - and linking to museum, restaurant, etc. articles -



Columbus - and linking to hotel, restaurant, sites, etc. articles - 



What you can expect --


For a week's tour we will produce 10 - 30 articles.


For a ten-day tour we will produce 15 - 40 articles.


For a two-week tour we will produce 20 - 50 articles.


For a  month's tour we will produce 30 - 80 articles.


You can expect the bulk of our coverage to appear within two weeks of the tour.  


For more information on getting your tourism offering covered by Splash magazines please write to Amy Munice, Travel Editor, alm(at) 






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