The Third Annual MYTH Masquerade Ball ~ Exquisite High Fantasy Event

The Third Annual MYTH Masquerade Ball ~ Exquisite High Fantasy Event
The Majesty Returns... May 24th, 2014 | Memorial Day Weekend
At the spectacular Los Angeles Theatre in the historical Broadway Theatre District Downtown

A Transformational Experience

This is MYTH: an exquisite, transformational Experience that fires the imagination and elevates the senses... High Fashion meets High Fantasy.
A decadent Faerie Tale Ball.
Music, artistry and performance forge an elegant dreamscape of enchanted revelry where legend and inspiration come to play.
In the spirit of MYTH Masque, dismiss your mortal skin in favor of a truer form... The boundaries of reality are laughably defied as we become the impossible, through expression and costuming of the highest creative calibre. For one spectacular night, the chimerical energy we invoke is no fiction...
This is make-believe...all grown up.

A Decadent Faerie Tale Ball

The first two annual MYTH Masquerades debuted to enthusiastic crowds of award-winning costume designers, makeup-artists, avant-garde fashionistas and other wildly creative attendees at the stunning VIBIANA Cathedral in Downtown Los Angeles. On May 24th, for its Third Annual Affair, MYTH spreads its wings at the spectacular Los Angeles Theatre, to present: ‘Thrice Upon a Dream’.  MYTH will transform the magnificent Film Palace (inspired by the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ in The Palace of Versailles) into a playground for visionaries wishing to immerse themselves in aWonderland of Inspiration.  Guests may escape into a night of dream and revelry that offers an array of amazing visuals, music, dancing, live performances, drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and other tantalizing treats.  Attendees will discover imaginative and interactive photo-op areas throughout the Masquerade, in which to showcase their brilliant costumes and indulge their inner child… One might encounter a magnificent wolf, be beguiled by nymphs or ride an eight foot tall rocking unicorn.  MYTH Masque is a true Bacchanalia, a veritable feast for the senses that challenges its attendees to become 'A myth of their own making'...

Artistry and Performance

VIP Passport holders are escorted to the 'purple carpet' by Unicorn-drawn carriage, and formally heralded upon arrival in true regal fashion.  The VIP Reception also includes early evening entertainment, complimentary drinks from our Sponsors, a special champagne service by live Mermaids, Absinthe proffered by our own Fée Verte, as well as gourmet cupcakes and other enticing bites.  Our most esteemed guests will enjoy exclusive access to secluded VIP Lounges on each level of the Theatre.
Unique highlights of the Third Annual MYTH Masquerade Ball include 'Sanctuary of the Sirens,' wherein guests are invited to mingle with the Mermaids of MYTH.  Also featured will be 'Chambre du Vampire,' an elegant Vampire Lounge, where guests can explore the darker, more seductive side of the Masquerade.
Other features include ‘Bazaar Boheme,’ a unique Vendor area with Bar and Lounge, and an alluring presence by Sponsors DARK BEAUTY MAGAZINE.

Enchanted Revelry

The scope of the evening's entertainment includes enchanting performances by MORGANNETHE FURIESDJ XIANLINA LECARO, (many more performers TBA!), with Master of Ceremonies JEFFREY DAMNIT, whose reputation in the Hollywood Underground is for hosting elaborate and rousing soirees.  Attendees will also see fire performers, cirque acts, beautifully-choreographed dances, and a variety of otherworldly ambient spectacles interwoven in the fabric of this living Fantasy...
Guests can take formal portraits in the gorgeous Baroque Los Angeles Theatre, and enter their own impressive costume creations into a $500 First Place "Costumers' Challenge," with 2015 MYTH Masque tickets as additional prizes.
A portion of proceeds from ticket sales are donated to BUSTED FOUNDATION, an organization that supports breast cancer victims who are unable to cover the costs of treatment.
Costumes (or black tie/formal attire with a mask) are required for this upscale affair.

Become the Impossible


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