The FitExpo Los Angeles 2015 – Bigger and Better!

The FitExpo Los Angeles had another amazing weekend in 2015 with; Jillian Michaels, Iron Man Magazine Naturally Championships, Battle of the Bar, Quest Nutrition having the booth to end all booths, celebrity sightings galore and another record breaking attendance number. If you are into health and fitness, 2015 proved once again why this is the one event that you can’t miss.

Quest DJ

The star of the weekend had to be Quest Nutrition. The most massive both on the floor that was highlighted by their own personal DJ to go along with treats being churned out by the Quest kitchen. Quest Nutrition began with their amazing bars that seems to tasty to be true. From there they added pasta, chips and most recently their powders. While introducing people to all of their great products including their latest bar, S’mores, Quest also put on a fashion show to show off their newly released Quest gear. For more information visit: Quest Nutrition.

Quest Girls

The weekend had more for one person to do than there was time in the day. You could be taking a fitness class with the legendary Billy Blanks in the morning, then listening to the branding wisdom of Daymond John, getting autographs from Jay Cutler, Metta World Peace and Tito Ortiz. Jillian Michaels did a Q & A with guests on training and then she offered her BODYSHRED class. For those who were looking to get started in the fitness world, they could take part in the Fitness Career Center.

Jillian Michaels

The competitions seemed endless and intense. Sunday featured the Battle of the Bars 16 man Tournament, which was one of the most anticipated events of the weekend. The standing room only crowd took in performances that would make most gymnasts cringe. The ancient sport of MAS wrestling was a sight to see with the pure fight of simply trying to pull a short stick out of your opponent’s hands, but the struggle was often so intense it would leave the loser, or winner with bleeding hands.

Quest Booth

Combine a great idea, an amazing product line and the power of the FitExpo and what do you get? You get the rapid success of NLA for Her. Started in Los Angeles in late 2012, NLA for Her started with a small booth at the FitExpo to spread the word on their women’s sports supplement line of products and it didn’t take long for the line to take off as they found the right combination to give women just what they need for their workout. From the UPLIFT pre-workout that gets you going with without the typical jittery feeling of similar products, to Her Omegas and Her Whey are all products that are at the top of the list when it comes to women’s supplements. For more information and to be among the first to find out about new product releases in 2015 visit: NLA for Her.

NLA For Her



Not every product was fitness related, there were plenty of great cooking classes and simply nutritious products. Our favorite of the weekend had to be Two Moms in the Raw with their truffles, granola bars, nut bars and sea crackers. All the products are 100% organic, raw and vegan and the raw refers to never cooking the food and keeping it under 118 degrees. For more information visit: Two Moms in the Raw.

Two Moms in the Raw Booth

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