Venturi Mini In-Car Bluetooth Device

Venturi Mini In-Car Bluetooth Device

The sleek and stylish Venturi Mini is small, but provides a powerful hands-free experience

Description: The Venturi Mini is the new music phone connector for in-car streaming. When plugged into a vehicle’s 12 volt adapter, the Venturi Mini uses Stereo Bluetooth to stream music from an MP3 enabled phone and wirelessly route calls through the in-car sound system. The Venturi Mini also has a built-in charger to power your devices on the move and is designed to work with all vehicles. Featuring A2DP technology, the Venturi Mini is compatible with the most current music phones and new music phones in the pipeline featuring A2DP. When a call comes in, the Venturi Mini will automatically pause your streaming music (from your phone or MP3 player) and the caller’s information will be displayed on the radio screen – with the caller heard clearly through your car stereo system via the integrated mic on the Mini. Your music will resume playing when the call is finished.

The Venturi Mini plugs into the vehicles 12V adapter, making it easy to access and use

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Price: $129.99

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