TruGlide Apex 2.3mm Fine Point Active Stylus by LYNKtec

TruGlide Apex 2.3mm Fine Point Active Stylus By LYNKtec

TruGlide Apex 2.3mm Fine Point Active Stylus by LYNKtec

Description: Your Link to a Paperless World The TruGlide Apex by LYNKtec is a fine point active stylus that delivers a realistic pen-to-pad writing experience on all iPads and most Android devices. The 2.3mm fine point hardened conductive nib on the TruGlide Apex results in a superb writing, drawing, gaming, and navigation experience for tablet users. The size of the nib itself represents >90% reduction in tip area compared to current passive styluses on the market. The TruGlide Apex showcases futuristic styling with the balanced, weighted feel found in high-end, luxury pens, and utilizes brass fittings, brass barrel, and high-grade plastic construction. The TruGlide Apex is powered by a single AAAA battery already installed and is sold with both an additional nib and battery for extra longevity. The streamlined, ergonomic design features an easy-to-grip fin that doubles as the on/off switch. When the fin is rotated clockwise, the stylus is activated and a blue LED indicator near the tip glows to let the user know they may now use the stylus. The TruGlide Apex does not require Bluetooth or any specific applications to function. Simply pick it up, turn it on, and let your ideas take flight!

The TruGlide Apex Delivers a Realistic Pen-to-Pad Writing Experience on iPads and Other Tablets

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Price: $59.95

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