Transformer SE

Transformer SE

Transformer SE

Description: The Clickfree Transformer SE (Special Edition) turns any USB hard drive, iPod, or iPhone into a simple automatic backup solution for your computer. Just connect the Transformer SE to your computer, then connect the USB hard drive, or iPod/iPhone via USB into the Transformer SE. Backup will start automatically onto the available free space of the connected product, whether it is a 3rd party hard drive, or an iPod/iPhone. The automatic backup will find and store hundreds of file types, and backup only what has changed, the next time you connect. There is no need to copy and paste files, or install any software – it’s truly automatic, and simple enough for anyone to use. Backup is easily configured to manage the usage of space on the connected device. Nothing will ever be over-written, so music, photos, videos, and any files already on the device will co-exist seamlessly with your backup. You can back up multiple computers, Mac or PC, and backup files will be organized conveniently by computer name.

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Price: $89.99

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