Swagtron Hoverboard Review - Swagway rocks the coolest ride around with debut of newest self-balancing scooter, the top-of-the-line Swagtron T3

Already an exciting, engaging way to get around – Swagway’s new offerings are proving to be a boom in the industry and a huge step forward in the hoverboard revolution. From the makers of the original “hands-free smart board,” Swagtron is the next generation of self-balancing scooters with enhanced features in all of the areas that matter, including – and especially – safety.


Swag-girl (photo by Rachel Greene)

The new, top-of-the-line SwagTron T3 comes with a redesigned sporty body, milled aluminum wheels, built-in carrying strap, and for those who want to jam out to favorite songs  – High Quality (HQ) Bluetooth Speakers. The T3 is offered in a beguiling spectrum, including dark red, blue, gold, pink, black and white.

After test riding the SwagTron T3 for 25+ miles across Chicago’s sidewalks, parks and pavements, it’s a clear winner. Evening riding offers an epic adventure of gliding through the night on an illuminated orb with red LED lights for braking, blue for accelerating, and green for turning.  Activate Bluetooth simply by turning on your smartphone, and you’ve turned yourself into a sound-and-light spectacle.

Best foot forward (photo by Rachel Greene)

Riding steps are easy to master:  press the power button; step on one pedal to trigger the foot switch (which activates the self-balancing mode); quickly step on the second pedal; stand up straight, relax, and away you go.  Avoid any sudden or jerking movements and remember when going through doorways you’re four inches higher.

Swagway, makers of the original “hands-free smart board,” launched the new SwagTron series this summer as the first-to-market transport device in the next generation model of self-balancing scooters. 

Importantly, SwagTron is the only product to pass rigorous safety testing from independent safety certifier Underwriter Laboratories, including being the only self-balancing scooter product in the world to pass the 10-ton crush test and a new UL classified battery pack.

Swagway attracts attention of humans and canines alike (photo by Rachel Greene)

On the topic of batteries, the company points to what it considers the most impressive feature of the SwagTron - the patented “SentryShield” battery chamber, which provides multi-layer battery protection with an airtight aluminum chamber and a state-of-the-art system that constantly monitors overvoltage, temperature increases, overcharging of the battery, overcurrent and short circuit protection.

With “safety first” addressed, let’s move on to the mighty swagger of this product that makes riding it pure joy and a surprisingly social experience. The public’s reaction is something to behold, with lots of head turns, double takes, jaw drops and curious questions.

Swagtron T-3 in blue; also available in dark red, gold, pink, black and white (photo by Swagway)

Below are 10 things to know about the new SwagTron T3:

 1. The SwagTron T3 is available at Swagtron.com and select retailers for $499.00.  The impressive SwagTron T-1 goes for $399.00

2. Stepping onto a SwagTron doesn’t require keen balance – it does the balancing for you. The self-balancing, personal transporter uses gyroscopic technology based on the shifting of your body weight.

3. Maximum speed is 8 miles per hour

4. A built-in learning mode reduces speed until you grasp the basics. Learning mode starts you out slow, and can be bypased after you log some miles.

5. Rider weight limits are 44 pounds minimum and 220 pounds maximum.  The product itself weighs in at 22 pounds, and does need to be carried on occasion to get to your starting point

6. The average distance for riding on a full charge is 7 to 12 miles.  However, speed, riding style, topography, weight and temperature can change that

7. Charging time is about an hour

8. Climbing/descending inclines are fine, just keep it to 30 degrees maximum

9. The T3 model includes built-in speakers activated by Bluetooth. They’ll hear you before they see you coming as you blast your jam.

10. Swagtrons can sustain splashes, but not submerge. Think of it as a fairly “fair weather friend,” and figure out other ways to get around in rain or snow


Below are quotes from other adults and children who happily tried out the T3 for the first time as part of this review:

 “This thing, it’s immediate.”

 “At night it looks so beautiful.”

“My feet. They respond immediately. It doesn’t feel like I have to control it by my brain. It feels so natural”

“There are these two big speakers which you can connect to your phone by Bluetooth. Brilliant.”

“I thought it was going to be a little tricky, but when I first stepped on it, I said, wow.  And when I saw it at night, the blue, green and red lights just moved me.”

“Have you ever felt like there’s nothing to do outside, but you want to get fresh air? Here’s something you can do outside.  Over and over and over.  It’s the best way to enjoy outdoors”  

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