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Sewell Direct vDeck USB

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Sewell Direct VDeck USB

Sewell Direct vDeck

Description: Sewell’s Minideck USB to DVI/VGA adapter and vDeck USB to VGA graphics adapter turn any Mac or PC’s available USB port into an auxiliary display port, allowing professionals, students, casual gamers, video enthusiasts and home users to multi-task and juggle spreadsheets, documents, applications, programs, and video on multiple computer screens. The Minideck works with VGA, DVI or even HDMI video connections, and installs in under a minute. The vDeck installs in just 30 seconds. Both USB adapters offer a budget-friendly solution for laptops, Mac Minis, Netbooks and other notebooks that have only one, or no auxiliary video ports. The vDeck and Minideck perform exactly like a high-end video card, with no difference in picture color, resolution or refresh rate. But, the vDeck is just $69.95, and the Minideck retails for $99.95, making them a much more accessible, affordable way to hook more than one monitor up to a single computer. Minideck uses new, patented DisplayLink technology to support monitors as big as 24 inches in their native resolutions (1920x1200). The vDeck works with standard or widescreen format (up to 1600 x 1200 standard and 1680 x 1050 widescreen) displays.

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Price: $69.95 to $99.95

Published on Apr 12, 2011

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