Real Time Uses for Video Collaboration Tools in the Corporate World

When it comes to improving collaboration and productivity in the corporate world, you can find any number of different explanations for why so-and-so technique or such-and-such technology should be used. Some of the suggestions are definitely worth your time while others are a little more farfetched.
Even so, there are a few options out there that are definitely very useful in encouraging collaboration and increasing efficiency. One of those options is to implement a video conferencing service into the day-to-day routine of your business and employees.

Why Not Stick with Email and Phone?

Some of you may be wondering why you need to upgrade your business’s communication systems by adopting a video conferencing service considering you already have phones and email. Well, while using email and telephones for internal communication isn’t bad at all, they lack a level of personal touch and connection that you can find when talking to someone face-to-face. Using a video conferencing system won’t give you the exact same connection you get when directly talking to someone, but it will give you a much more intimate means of communication compared to talking on the phone or sending an email.

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But how does video conferencing technology provide a more effective means of communication? Why, by allowing all parties involved to see the nonverbal communication cues and messages that are lost in voice or text only forms of discussion. Body language is an integral part of human communication; that, along with tone of voice and facial expression, can account for up to 93 percent of the meaning in any communication interaction, according to The Social Mojo.  However, don’t take that number to mean that verbal communication is useless; all that number means is that body language and tone of voice can do a lot more to signify the true meaning behind what someone is saying, even if their actual words might signify otherwise.

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 So when you’re organizing that critical interdepartmental meeting, think about how using something like Blue Jeans Network for Video Conferencing Tools could benefit your business by allowing all parties involved to be more open and transparent in their discussion.

Fostering Collaboration No Matter the Distance

While some businesses don’t need to worry about distance between employees, others do. And for those that do, video conferencing services are an excellent option for improving the working relationships between those disparate employees. Whether you have different offices across the globe that you need to coordinate or you just have some employees out in the field, video conferencing can offer an excellent means to keep everyone in touch.

Another important aspect to consider is how many employees wish to telecommute. Whether you’re looking into hiring telecommute employees or you’re just looking to provide options for current workers, the fact is that nearly 80 percent of Americans state they would prefer to have the option to telecommute in their jobs, according to Mashable.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean that workers don’t ever want to come into the office; it just means that they would prefer to have the option to work from home when things may get rough. Additionally, providing the option for workers to telecommute gives them the ability to better balance their work life and personal life. There’s no better way to deal with work-life balance than being able to work from home.

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Unity in the workspace is an important aspect of any business. If workers feel united and a part of something bigger than themselves, they are usually more likely to work harder and get more involved in their work. Video conferencing can help in fostering a sense of unity and cohesiveness in the workplace that other forms of communication are incapable of. As Overstock states, video conferencing gives a face to the otherwise disembodied voice of a worker who is in an office miles upon miles away. When people work together on a regular basis, being able to connect with each other on a more personal level allows them to become more engaged in each other and what they are working on.

If workers only ever hear the voice of their colleges, then they might not be as engaged with each other, but when that voice is connected to a face and a body, it becomes much more engaging and personal and allows people to connect at a higher level.

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Keeping up with Clients

While there are definitive benefits to using video conferencing as an internal communication tool, there are also plenty of reasons to use the technology as a means to communicate with your clients as well. One of the major benefits provided by video conferencing is the convenience of setting up and running meetings. Without video conferencing, you either have to deal with the subpar meeting provided through a conference call, or go to the expense of setting up a face-to-face meeting. If you’re dealing with international clients, that face-to-face meeting can become very expensive very quickly.

Additionally, that meeting would require multiple days of your time. With video conferencing, you can set up a huge number of meetings during a single day, regardless of where each meeting member is actually located. Additionally, as Lunarpages discusses, most video conferencing solutions provide the option to record and replay meetings, allowing you to access previous information for training purposes or as a backup of what happened.

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