Practical Tips You Can Follow about Airport Parking

Going on a vacation or a business travel can be a real pain when talking about airport parking. While the entire travel in itself can be stressful due to lots of factors, airport parking being one of them, you can actually do something in order to lessen the burden.


Pre-booking in Advance is a Definite Must

Start your preparations with simple advance pre-booking. Some of the benefits that advance pre-booking can provide you are the following:

  • Save money- you can slash of as much as 60% from the gate prices
  • Reduce stress and hassle- you can also take away the hassle and stress of searching for a place to park your car right then and there since you will be guaranteed a place
  • Save time- since you a guaranteed parking spot, you won’t need to battle your way for one

Advance pre-booking is highly advisable and it is even more useful during holiday seasons and summer months, where traveling is a hit. Make sure to pre-book at least 24 to 48 hours in order to ensure your spot.


Do Extensive Research on the Most Important Factors to Consider

Lots of details can be gathered at about airport parking. If you can avoid taking your car, then do so. If not, conduct an extensive research about the airport parking you are about to do. First, decide on what type of airport parking you are considering. There are three types that include:

  • Valet Parking Deal- this is the type when a fully insured chauffer from the car part will meet up with you, unload your luggage, and drive your car to the secured parking space and then ready your car again when you return for your trip home
  • Onsite- this option is using the onsite parking run by the airport, which can be considered as both expensive yet highly convenient
  • Shuttle Bus- this option would entail parking your car and transferring to a shuttle bus on the way to the airport, which can be a hassle but will save you lots of money

Other tasks you have to do to gather information and conduct your research are:

  • Compare and contrast airport parking prices through their respective websites
  • Compare and contrast park standards
  • Look for short stay car park deals
  • Check for price guarantees and booking incentives

Decide to Book a Hotel and Parking Deal

If you want to save a lot of money, you can also book a hotel and the parking deal that comes with it, especially if you would stay for more than a week. Booking a hotel separately from your parking space would cost you more than just parking at the hotel. More than that, if you are deciding to have your car parked for an extended period of time, you should make sure to do the following:

  • Check your tires if they are fully inflated
  • Choose an excellent parking spot that is covered rather than the open-air space to ensure its security
  • Disconnect your battery to avoid experience power drain and airport parking hell

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