Octa's Vacuum Dock + Whale Tail

Octa's Vacuum Dock + Whale Tail

Octa TabletTail System with iPad

Description: Introducing the TabletTail system from Octa – a new, modular grip and positioning system that provides a natural way to carry and display devices like the iPad and Kindle. The first piece, the Vacuum Dock, is a proprietary close-chamber pump system that ensures 100 times the grip of a normal suction cup for a long-lasting bond to your device. Ergonomically shaped, it nests gently in your palm, providing a restful grip, and it doubles as a low-angle stand. The second piece, the WhaleTail, clicks easily into place and turns the Vacuum Dock into the most flexible stand on the market. The unique design, which looks like the actual fins of a whale, can be bent at literally any angle, and in three dimensions, providing the widest range of landscape and portrait positions possible. It's also sturdy on every surface -- from rocky beaches to soft pillows. The WhaleTail also lends itself to hanging, wrapping and propping up the iPad in a variety of ways, such as on a knee, a head-reast, an arm-chair or a tray table. The fins of the WhaleTail also serve as a convenient handle, adding security and comfort while carrying your iPad.

Octa's Vacuum Dock + Whale Tail

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Price: $49.95

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