MOS (Magnetic Organization System) Cable Organizer

MOS (Magnetic Organization System) Cable Organizer

The Aluminum MOS

Description: MOS (Magnetic Organization System) uses magnetism to keep cables uncluttered, off the floor, and from falling behind furniture. It is the only organizer that Apple will carry in their stores because it is the only organizer that is attractive and meant to be seen. MOS comes in satin polycarbonate ($20) or solid anodized aluminum ($40). It contains rare earth magnets that are stong enough to keep cables in one place, and AirStick™ Microsuction base allows the unit to stick to any flat surface without leaving a residue. Rubber magnetic cable ties come with the MOS for cables that don't have enough ferrous metal to stick to the MOS. It also comes with double-sided permanent 3M tape in case you find a permanent home for the MOS. Cables are just the beginning. Keep keys, paper clips, scissors, pens, and anything else that is attracted by magnets in one place without compromising the look of your desk.

The Aluminum MOS in action!

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Price: $20.00 to $40.00

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