Love your TiVo - Wish you could take it with You?

Love Your TiVo - Wish You Could Take It With You?

Nero Liquid TV / TiVo PC allows you to enjoy recordings on your iPod with a Click

Description: Together, Nero and TiVo have unveiled a new technology that provides the full TiVo experience on your PC or Laptop with playback on any media-enabled device. The DVR as we know is a thing of the past. The future of TV and the digital home is about allowing you to enjoy content anytime, anywhere and on any device. Nero Liquid TV/ TiVo PC allows you to enjoy TiVo content in any room, anytime and anywhere even without a TiVo Box, cable / satellite connection or TV.

Nero Liquid TV / TiVo PC contains all you need to enjoy TiVo content anytime and anywhere

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Price: $99.00 to $199.00

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