iLane is a device that interacts with smartphones to read e-mails out loud entirely hands-free.

ILane Is A Device That Interacts With Smartphones To Read E-mails Out Loud Entirely Hands-free.

iLane by IMS - Standalone Shot

Description: iLane is a portable smart phone-compatible device that rides inside commuters’ vehicles, allowing them to control their smart phone entirely hands-free. iLane reads e-mails to the user aloud on command, and it allows for access and control of other smart phone applications by voice command, including managing phone calls, text messages and calendars. iLane enables secure data exchange with users’ smart phones to keep private information localized in the vehicle, with no need for an external server connection. It is easily used with the majority of smart phones, such as BlackBerry; it also comes with a Bluetooth headset. As an added feature, iLane provides daily news, sports, and weather updates on-demand from The Associated Press and The Weather Network, ensuring that commuters are not only connected to the office but are also well-informed about what is happening in the world around them.

iLane by IMS Mounted on Dashboard of Vehicle

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Price: $599.00

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