Eddy's Number Party

Eddy's Number Party

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Description: Welcome to the party! The Eddy’s Number Party!™ game is a kindergarten readiness app that gets young children counting, matching numbers, and improving memory and attention, all while getting ready for Eddy’s big surprise party! Children collect balloons, toss presents, track party hats, and earn stickers as they gather friends to bring to Eddy’s party. Designed in collaboration with leading scientists and educational experts, the Eddy’s Number Party! game is guided by the latest research on how the brain learns best. As each level of play is mastered, children develop the critical cognitive skills that prepare them to thrive in school and become lifelong learners–such as selective attention (the ability to focus on task-relevant information) and working memory (the ability to keep information in mind and work with it to complete a task).

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Price: $2.99

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