DeviceDryer™ Dries Out Soaked Phones & More

DeviceDryer™ Dries Out Soaked Phones & More

DeviceDryer™ can save your wet phone or device.

Description: Did you drop your phone, mp3 player or digital camera in water? DeviceDryer™ can help restore wet electronics. DeviceDryer features the most effective and aggressive electronics dehumidifying agent on the market. Its active ingredients will dry out a soaked device in 24-48 hours, delivering the best possible chance of bringing it back to life. Count on DeviceDryer to effectively dry out wet smart phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS systems, watches and more. DeviceDryer features a transparent bag and moisture absorbing beads that change color to indicate they are working. It's also easy-to-use. Simply remove any batteries (if possible), SIM card, or memory card from the wet device, drop it in the bag and close the seal. DeviceDryer is reusable too.

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Price: $9.99 to $14.99

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