CordCruncher - The True Tangle-Free Earbuds

There are countless headphones and earbuds out there and there are styles galore, some even claim not to tangle. After years of being disappointed with those claims, CordCruncher actually lives up to that billing of being tangle-free.

Enjoying your music on the go, at work or for that matter anywhere and you want to enjoy the experience with headphones you know that it is just a matter of time before you become frustrated with the cord. It really doesn't matter how you store them, they always seem to find a way to get tangled. CordCruncher has created the cord that finally solves that problem. They are as simple as pulling the cord to open it and then crunching it when you are done to put it back exactly how you started.

You might wonder about crunching your cord and let me tell you it as not only simple, but far easier than trying to untangle your typical earbuds. You simply pinch the hard bit near the headphone jack and pinch the wires of the headphones right under the buds and then pull the headphones out straight and slowly and you are ready to listen to music. When you are done and you want to put your CordCruncher away once again pinch the hard bit near the headphone jack and this time pinch the hard bit under the mouth of the CordCruncher, then pull straight and slowly until the mouth meets the buds.

If you know who Spice Girl and America’s Got Talent judge, Mel B. is, you know she is always on the move and one of the most active people around. for the global launch of CordCruncher, the much-needed tangle-free earbuds. US&M partnered and collaborated with Mel B. for the global launch of CordCruncher, to bring the much-needed problem solving idea of tangle-free earbuds to consumers.

The CordCruncher product line also includes charging cables for Apple®, Android and USB-enabled devices, earbuds with and without a microphone, and the Mel B Signature Earbud Series, which also delivers incredible sound with adjustable bass for the ultimate listening experience.

If you are tired of reaching into your gym bag or purse only to find tangled earbuds, CordCruncher are the only earbuds you need to own. Great sound and always ready to use with a simple crunch, you will quickly grow to love your CordCruncher and you will be thankful that get tangles out of your earbuds will never be part of your daily routine again.

For more information visit: CordCruncher

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