Cell Ranger Cell Signal Booster

Cell Ranger Cell Signal Booster

Cell Ranger Stix Instructional Picture

Description: Cell Ranger STIX 12V Cell Phone Booster • 2-3 bars extra signal for any cell phone or 3G data card • Better call quality for cell phones, and up to 100% faster download speeds for 3G data cards • Prevents dropped calls and improves call clarity • 12V cigarette lighter adapter – for cars, trucks, RVs, and boats • Easy installation – includes 15ft antenna cable • Compatible with every carrier in Canada and the US o *Except “iDEN” phones used by Nextel, Southern LINC, and MiKE (Canada) • Intelligent microprocessor-controlled amplification: Find out More… • 30 Day Money-back Guarantee Applications: Vehicle Safety, Personal Security, Travel, Men’s Interest, Hunting, Boating, RV, Outdoor Activities Available at: www.getcellranger.com price: $149.99 website: www.getcellranger.com

Cell Ranger Stix 12 Singal Booster

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Price: $149.99

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