Cardstackers (™) 825 Card Building Set

Cardstackers (™) 825 Card Building Set

set includes 825 cards engineered for building, 16 patent-pending cardstarters, instruction booklet and builders guide

Description: (November 2012)―Artist and Guinness World Record Holder for building the World’s Tallest and Largest Houses of Freestanding Playing Cards—all with no tape, no folding, and no glue!—Bryan Berg announces his new toy for kids age 8 and up: The Cardstackers(™) boxed set is inspired by Berg’s 15 years of teaching cardstacking to kids around the world, and his quest to make building an amazing house of cards possible and fun for all. “With Cardstackers(™), I wanted a way to offer more children and teens the awesome sense of creativity and accomplishment you get from doing something that seems impossible—in this case, making a real house of cards," said Berg. The Cardstackers(™) set is also great for teachers as a classroom math or science project.# # The Cardstackers(™) set includes 825 specially engineered playing cards, ideal for building freestanding houses of cards on a grand scale. And, each kit includes 16 of Berg’s patent-pending Cardstarters(™), little devices that work like cardstacking “training wheels” to help kids learn and execute correct card placements for the strongest buildings. The Cardstarters(™) each hold four cards in the correct placement—just how Berg does it—to teach the best way to build a foundation for the first story and beyond. The best part is that Cardstarters(™) still allow kids to create a truly freestanding house of cards, so they can enjoy the ever-anticipated thrill of knocking it all down after a hard day’s work.

Berg's Guinness World Record for Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards is almost 26 feet tall and required 1060 decks!

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Price: $25.00

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