a-JAYS Threes

A-JAYS Threes

a-JAYS Threes

Description: The a-JAYS Three by Jays features one of the only flat cable designs to reduce cord tangling –at only $59.99 – usually only found on more expensive headphones. These in-earphones also: 1. Deliver a thumping bass and crisp highs in incredible detail across a wide sound spectrum – perfect for on-the-go music enjoyment on iPods, iPads or phones 2. Noise isolating to block out real-world noise. Very slim and discreet in-ear fit and 5 different sized noise-isolating ear sleeves to create a secure and comfortable fit between the sound source and your ear canal, blocking out unwanted background noise while the music comes straight in. 3. Pack extras including an in-flight adapter, stereo splitter for music sharing and a domed rubberized hard travel case for protection. 4. Sleek Scandinavian design and packaging that’s clean and impressive. Jays of Sweden was founded by musicians in 2006 and followed their passion for music, listened with their ears and hearts and listened carefully and shaped it until they loved what they heard. The company is now one of the most respected headphone makers by musicians and fans in the world.

a-JAYS Threes packaging

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Price: $59.99

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