Polaroid Premium 3D Glasses

Polaroid Premium 3D Glasses

Polaroid Eyewear 3D STAR

Description: Polaroid Eyewear’s RealD-certified 3D glasses give avid 3D fans the opportunity to sport their own stylish, comfortable, and hygienic 3D glasses at the movie theater or in the home (with TV displays that feature “passive” 3D technology). The Polaroid Premium 3D Glass Collection consists of a range of custom frames with precisely curved circular polarized lenses allowing moviegoers and TV viewers to fully experience 3D with an uncompromising field of vision and a pair of glasses to match their personal style. Prescription lens wearers are not forgotten, with a range of premium 3D cover styles that fit comfortably over any optical frame. Polaroid's premium 3D glasses are certified by RealD™ due to high quality and lens efficiency for usage with RealD™ technology screens and devices.

Polaroid Eyewear 3D FAME

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Price: $30.00 to $50.00

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