PLAYBACK: Women's Full Zip Sweatshirt

PLAYBACK: Women's Full Zip Sweatshirt

Women's Full Zip Sweatshirt in Shadow Grey + Fushia

Description: PLAYBACK is a progressive new brand dedicated to make clothing better by recycling. PLAYBACK is the ONLY company in the world that creates their proprietary fabrics by recycling cotton scraps, plastic bottles and cans. How you ask? By using plastic bottles that are first sorted by color, PLAYBACK is able to magically create tee’s of the corresponding color- “Beer Bottle Brown,” “Water Color Blue”; while sweatshirts are made by recycling leftover cotton scraps, Here, you're left with a more complex garment that looks distinctive, with a better fit and feel. By using the original color of the item they recycle PLAYBACK, eliminates the need for chemicals in their clothes (extremely harmful) as well as the need to produce more cotton and landfills. By reducing the amount of textile and plastic bottle waste, PLAYBACK is taking recyclables out of the landfill and actually putting them to go use. This process is exclusive to PLAYBACK and is a never-before-seen twist on typical eco-clothing that is not only fashionable, but also sustainable. Helping mother earth while making you look great -> seems PLAYBACK clothing can teach us a thing or two!

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Price: $50.00 to $60.00

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