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MADE AS INTENDED Delivers Enlightening New Line of Accessories and Apparel

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MADE AS INTENDED Delivers Enlightening New Line Of Accessories And Apparel

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Description: Made As Intended (MA I) has launched a new line of apparel with a message of self-realization and change - just in time for the holidays. With the success of their best-selling “Blessing Bracelets,” which are designed to promote gratitude and instill change through being grateful, their new cotton shirts are printed with the intent to inspire personal change. It all starts with two words – a declaration that is printed on every MA I apparel item – which becomes apparent when you stand in front of a mirror: I AM. The power of declaring your own purpose and your own path comes from within you. The power that every man and woman of any race and culture has to change the course of their life and the world around them is celebrated in the Universecity Collection. Born out of the true-life journey of MA I creator Dawn Sprong to find a less material and more selfless existence, this is not a line of clothing that will change the world, but is a line of apparel that will inspire the conversation that could change an individual – and an individual can change the world. With the philosophy that everyone is creating their own world through the life they lead, and are not limited or defined by society or materialism, MA I gives the wearer a reminder to take control of their journey and follow their heart. Available online at www.madeasintended.com, MA I apparel ships worldwide and are priced at around $25.00.

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Price: $20.00 to $25.00

Published on Nov 25, 2012

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