LuvGear: Safety Alert series of patches put on clothing for and ifestyle items that tells you how much UV radiaiton is oging into the body, as wel, tell you when cold temperatures are dangerously cold

LuvGear: Safety Alert Series Of Patches Put On Clothing For And Ifestyle Items That Tells You How Much UV Radiaiton Is Oging Into The Body, As Wel, Tell You When Cold Temperatures Are Dangerously Cold

Revolutionary First of a Kind UV Safety Alert Clothing

Description: LuvGear™ is a safety alert device sewn into clothing and lifestyle accessories that notify parents and lifestyle enthusiasts when dangerous UV rays are present or when temperatures are too hot or too cold. It's a first of a kind line of children's, women's and men's and pet clothing. Now have the confidence that children and adults are protected, while the athlete is assured they will be alerted when out in the summer and winter elements. This is state-of-the-art technology at its best and never seen before technology.The Safer from the Start™ Alert Series - SunAlert™, ColdAlert™, TempAlert™, and HotAlert™ - are ink-filled safety icons sewn onto clothing and lifestyle products. The innovative safety icons act as a visible warning to alert of potential dangers including elevated UV rays, dangerously cold temperatures, high body temperatures, and hot liquid temperatures. OUR PLEDGE For more than 30 years, LuvGear™ has dedicated itself to children, families and innovation. A team of researchers and designers continue that commitment by further developing clothing and products that help safeguard children and adults. The patented 'Safer from the Start™' Alert Series is currently sold on three continents. The technology is available for use on clothing, outerwear, accessories and active lifestyle products including camping/hiking gear, dog garments, and towels.

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Price: $12.00 to $25.00

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