HERS Breast Cancer Foundation's unique, handmade necklace that embodies the spirit of Hope, Empowerment, Renewal and Support.

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation's Unique, Handmade Necklace That Embodies The Spirit Of Hope, Empowerment, Renewal And Support.

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation Handcrafted Necklace

Description: About the Necklace: This necklace is a very special signature piece. It's to honor and embrace the spirit of the HERS Breast Cancer Foundation. This design has been created in loving memory of Elaine Skloot, an original HBCF staff member who embodied the spirit of Hope, Empowerment, Renewal and Support. Each piece is handcrafted from 16 gauge copper, 14 gauge aluminum, copper rivets and a 16” copper ball chain. A cured protective finish preserves the beauty of the piece.

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation Hope, Empowerment, Renewal and Support Necklace

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Price: $65.00 to $70.00

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