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Dr. Rosenberg's INSTANT ARCHESĀ®

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Dr. Rosenberg's INSTANT ARCHES®

Instant Arches for fashion footwear, flats, casual and athletic footwear

Description: "Walk happily ever after" Dr. Rosenberg's INSTANT ARCHES® are made of a unique material which creates maximum support, comfort and cushioning for your tired sore feet when wearing any type of footwear, heels, flats, wedding shoes, boots, sandals, athletic or open styles. Just peel off the backing and stick. A Specially-formulated adhesive allows easy adjustments in all shoes for proper placement and prevents movement during normal wear, and prevents the foot from sliding forward and heel slippage in shoes. INSTANT ARCHES® for fashion footwear & sandals are available in 3 colors black, tan, and gray. One size fits all! Fits any style shoe, athletic footwear, sandal, flip flops or fashion footwear. For Men, Women & Pre-teens. After a busy day in high heels, pumps, sandals, flip-flops, boots, athletic or any other type of shoe in your wardrobe, those 26 bones in each of your feet are going to say, "Help, I need some support!" When you place the Instant Arches® in your shoes, the joints, muscles and ligaments in your feet become more stable and balanced. You will be able to walk, stand and exercise with more support. It is important to know that even a little support will make a big difference in your overall comfort level.

Instant Arches for Instant Arches for Sandals, flip flops, backless footwear

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Price: $10.00

Published on Dec 06, 2013

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