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If you are planning a vacation to finish off the summer or you have plans in the fall, every smart traveler knows that shoes can make or break a trip. Charleston Shoe Company will take care of your feet in terms of not only style, but comfort as well.


From touring the cobblestone streets of Barcelona or New York City, to walking on the beaches of Maui, you want to make sure your feet look good but it’s important to remember COMFORT is key – especially when it comes to sightseeing! From the beach to the street to ports to planks, Charleston Shoe Company takes you wherever you need to go and within the reach of style and comfort, matching fashion with function.

Backless Cannon

Charleston is the ultimate travel shoe that can be worn as casually as a sneaker or, with the right outfit, be turned into a cocktail shoe for an evening of dinner and dancing on the ship’s deck. The line comes in a variety of exciting styles for seeing the sights you’ve always wanted to see – without having ever make a quick change.

Charleston Shoe Company founder Neely Powell spent her childhood summers in a colonial town in central Mexico. In the summer of 1996, while at the College of Charleston, she met a cobbler whose simple sandals were a wardrobe staple among the villagers and visitors alike. Amazingly if you get your Charleston Shoe Company shoes a little dusty or dirty from an adventure, you can clean them up very easily as these shoes are machine-washable.

The cobblestones-to-cocktails shoe styles are geared toward the modern woman who needs to be on her feet and stay fashionable all day long. All of their styles are custom designed to be both comfortable and stylish and the sturdy construction will last for many years. Regardless of the occassion or location you are walking through, Charleston Shoe Company has the comfortable shoe that you are looking for.

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