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Changeable Velcro Message T-Shirts for Kids

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Changeable Velcro Message T-Shirts For Kids

Velcro letters and symbols allow kids to change their message as often as they'd like

Description: Shout Out! shirts are the perfect gifts for kids! Each Shout Out! shirt comes with Velcro letters, numbers and symbols (3 copies of most letters and numbers and 1 copy of symbols) which allow kids to arrange the letters any they want on the front and back to create messages, slogans or statements that fit their mood. Whether it’s a birthday party, sporting event, summer camp, class function or just to say what your feeling that day, kids can come up with all kinds of creative and fun messages that broadcast what you want to say. Shout Out! is devoted to making the coolest, most innovative and fun products possible and are committed to promoting educational initiatives and supporting young people’s dreams. “Think it up and Shout it Out!”

Just a few of the ways kids are using Shout Out! shirts to have their say

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Price: $29.95

Published on Nov 09, 2013

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