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When it comes to Valentine's Day, the expecations are high and that special someone in your life does not want the ordinary, they want something that will make them feel special all year long. That is why don't just get jewelry, get a piece to convey your love from Beth Quinn Designs.

Valentine's Day Necklace

Beth has put together a beautiful line of pieces made just for Valentine's Day. You will find thoughtful messages on each piece such as handknotted bits of rose agate that are knotted on silk with a gorgeous heart rhinestone center that reads "her heart is full of love". No matter what the message is that you want to relay, you will find something special from Beth Quinn Designs that will relay that message.

Valentine's Day Bracelet

Each piece of jewelry from Beth Quinn Designs is handmade in Beth's studio. A self-taught jewelry designer, Beth loves to combine texture to create jewelry that can be loved and cherished for years to come and she also believes in honoring "she's" in her life, which is how the jewelry was started and why much of the jewelry has the word she in it. Each affirmation is meant to bring women joy in there journey through life and made with bits of sparkle to be worn close to your heart.

Beth always had great designs for the little girl in your life as well as gift and fundraiser pieces that are all beautiful.

For more information visit: Beth Quinn Designs

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