Basic Outfitters - Refresh Your Wardrobe With One Easy Order

Back-to-school shopping will be here before you know it or what dad or husband couldn't always use some new undergarments? This is probably the last thing anyone wants to spend time on and now thankfully Basic Outfitters takes care of everything you need with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

When it comes to socks, underwear and tees, they all have a limited life. Instead of clinging to them and the frail their frail threads, ordering replacements all at once and starting fresh is the logical and prudent answer to updating your wardrobe. Basic Outfitters allows you so many choices that whatever your preference is you will find it. From socks for the gym to dress socks, boxers or briefs or seemingly any type of undershirt, Basic Outfitters gives you the option to select whatever fits you best.

What you are going to come to love about Basic Outfitters is that every single item that you choose is high quality. The entire process takes just minutes. Simply go to Basic Outfitters, sign up or login and start picking out your favorite items and create your drawer. You choose whatever you want, choosing size, color and type. All your products will then be shipped to you in one box, a single delivery and you are going spend only $60. Not only is $60 a huge bargain, it is actually half-price, as the products that you will receive have a value of $120. You can even pick a wild-card extra item such as loungewear or extra socks if needed.

Basic Outfitters came to fruition in 2014 when co-founders Laura and Michael Dweck married and moved into a cozy apartment in New York City. With space being placed at a premium in New York, the two quickly realized that Michael’s eclectic and long-time accumulated sock and underwear assortment would have to go and be replaced by a fresh, new and curated collection of basics. Faced with wasting time shopping and the expense of buying everything that he needed, the couple recognized the need for superior and affordable men’s essentials offered to customers in a convenient, easy-to-use way. Thanks to this realization, now you can take care of all of your undergarment needs without ever leaving your home.

For more information visit: Basic Outfitters

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