A Fashionista's Case for Adding a Leather Sewing Machine to Your Home

Fashion trends, just like time, are always changing. What's new today will be out of trend in a few months. Fashionistas, who love to go with the latest fashion trend have to constantly keep re-equipping their wardrobe by buying new things all the time. This can easily burn a hole in their pocket and leave them with items which are no longer of any use.


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Leather and suede are possibly the trendiest materials for fall clothing and the most fashionable shoes and boots are made out of leather. Be it the strap of a costly watch, the belt that holds the jeans right there or a handbag, leather is used in a lot of items. And articles made out of leather are expensive and require good maintenance.

One has to be careful that they don't get wet or stained. But a fashionista's wardrobe always has leather jackets which are no longer worn and those ripped leather pants which are just occupying space. Thus the best way to keep up with the fast evolution of fashion trends, to save money and be creative, is to invest in a leather sewing machine for your home.

These revolutionary machines are not just meant for factories, they can be an asset to a homemaker too. Shannon South, a minimalist from Brooklyn, NY, says that she noticed several things hanging around which were no longer used but had some meaning for their owners - memories of people and events.

She bought a leather sewing machine and started to work on a vintage leather jacket she hadn't worn in ages. After thriftily making a handbag out of her old jacket she realized the many practical benefits of having this incredible sewing machine at home. If one is thinking of dipping toes into the world of craft and creativity, then reading this article will help them carve their own niche!

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is a way of designing and making one's own things. Some people just don't like the clothes sold out there. It could be the design or the color combinations or the price tag. They have their own sense of fashion and are often the pioneers of a design trend. For them wearing a pair of leather boots which have been worn in the same style for quite some years now, just doesn't work. Or a leather jacket that is being sported by tens of thousands other people is boring.

For such fashionistas having a leather sewing machine at home is quintessential. They can always design their own boots, jackets and bags and stitch them at home (getting the perfect finish will take some practice and patience). Some of them might prefer to get it stitched but it might not be the most cost effective way.

Having a machine at home also has a lot of other benefits. If you’re interested in finding out more and seeing some options, check out this brief guide to leather sewing machines, along with some recommendations.

Customize anything from leather handbags to hand gloves or a mat woven out of leather belts. Or make feather light cut-out leather earrings from an old leather wallet or scraps of leather. Make leather elbow patches for jackets or give those old books a new tanned, leather cover. These are interesting hacks to recycle old leather items into stunning new leather articles. It takes a good deal of creativity. Some researchers say that this is a great practice for the environment.

All it needs is to have a design and then to follow the right stitching pattern for it. There are tons of magazines and websites where one can look up a design if they are not sure where to begin. Stitching is a creative activity and can bring out talent to the fore. There is so much that can be done with old leather goods and doing it right gives immense satisfaction in the end.

Repair torn or unused leather items using a sewing machine. So it is most loved leather outfit that got a small rip or it has a stitch that got loosened. Or it is the leather sofa which needs repair. They can be easily repaired using a sewing machine.

All one needs is to identify the kind of repair needed. Look closely if it's the initial stitch that has loosened, in case repairing a sofa. Tie some secure knots without pulling the stitch tightly. If it is the jacket that got a cut, sew a small leather patch to cover it up.

Make sure the color of thread blends well with the color of fabric that needs repair. Remember it is easier to get rid of unused or torn, damaged things but it isn't a very cost effective resolution when doing small repair work can be useful.

Make great gifts for friends and family. Kathryn, a stay-at-home-mom, was delighted to receive a gift her cousin gave her. Her cousin, bought an Italian styled leather jacket from Rome in 1980s which had now grown out of trend.

Instead of discarding the jacket right away she used some craft and creativity, and designed cosmetic cases for Kathryn and her daughter. Having a leather sewing machine at home can help one make presents for loved ones. A very cost effective option, this also makes loved ones feel special.

Become an entrepreneur by putting to use that creativity and skillsShannon South, an entrepreneur from NY has been re-doing old leather items into handbags of all sizes and shapes. She has carved out her own space not just in NY but in the entire fabric of the US leather goods market. Having a leather sewing machine at home, one can practice sewing and start off by designing and creating small items out of leather.

Make a rustic travel journal with a leather cover or classy jewelry using leather. Or one could stitch up a multipurpose organizer to hold all sewing items. Make fancy bracelets or small leather pouches to hold coins. There is so much that can be made out of leather. Being unique and having a good marketing technique will help one find their own space in the creative niche. And remember it all starts with a leather sewing machine at home!

Stitch for the perfect fit if the store bought clothing doesn't fit perfectly. Although most stores these days have a free alteration service, there can be times when the tight fitting leather jeggings are no longer tight and have become baggy or that black leather dress has become loose from the waist. Sometimes people tend to buy leather gloves which they loved at the first instant (or someone gifted a pair to them) and the fingers are too long. Getting it altered can easily cost $30. It is a fairly straightforward procedure, after all. One can easily do this at home without investing too much time.

Leather home decor looks impressive. While this article has mentioned about repairing leather sofas, there's a lot more that can be done to make home decor look amazing. If there are some scraps of leather left from any other project, they could be used to appliqué basic shapes of geometry onto pillows and cushions.

These look really good in the living room and give a cozy ambiance. Use scraps of leather to make a gumdrop pillow or a bean-bag. If there are not enough pieces of the same color, stitch a multi colored one and add some hues to the TV room. If the leather sofa is old and is drained off color over time, it could be re-done into a leather bench or an IKEA styled outdoor chair.

These look savvy and honestly, leather items, even if redone never go out of fashion. Why buy them when you can easily design and make one at home? All you need is some practice, a bit of online search and a good leather sewing machine.

Wrapping Up

It is a grandma advice to repair damaged articles before throwing them out. These are also the times when caring about our environment is vital. People should be doing as much as they can to protect natural resources. Leather for instance requires a lot of water for tanning. If one can learn the art of stitching (it takes time, but people become experts gradually) they can put their time, skills and creativity to a good use.

Custom making clothes and soft furnishing, refashioning last season's buys, making innovative presents for friends and family, doing repairs on your own, doing alterations at home, saves a lot of money. People across the globe who started leather stitching as a DIY thing, now own design labels which the world follows. Most designers believe that they could never find the perfect leather shoes they were looking for or the perfect leather jacket they could wear and stand out. They started to stitch their own designs and own the biggest fashion brands today.

For most people who regularly follow fashion trends, staying up to date with fashion trends is a part of their lifestyle. It is essential that fashionistas have these DIY hacks with them lest they spend extravagantly on leather goods.


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