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Experience the indescribable lightness of Titan Minimal Art by Silhouette!

In 1999, Silhouette created a worldwide stir in the eyewear industry by launching the Titan Minimal Art series. With futuristic high-tech design and innovative materials, the Austrian eyewear manufacturer not only won over a large number of customers but also convinced NASA, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA's astronauts are attracted by the low weight and ergonomic rimless design of both ophthalmic frames and sunwear and therefore use these models on their missions.

In Titan Minimal Art, the space research agency has indeed found high-quality eyewear that functions as a perfect equipment element for astronauts in outer space.

Now the unique technology and immense know-how necessary for the development of Titan Minimal Art were honored with the "Certified Space TechnologyTM" seal.

This recognition is awarded by the Space Foundation to products whose properties qualify them ideally for use on space missions. The products must meet the requirement of facilitating work in outer space through the use of specific materials and technologies.

Established in 1983, the Space Foundation is a nonprofit organization that co-operates closely with NASA to inform people all over the world about the significance of innovative space technologies and thus advances public understanding of the research and development work done in aeronautics.

The Titan Minimal Art frames by Silhouette have opened up a new dimension for the eyewear industry. Manufactured in keeping with the very strictest quality criteria, the design of the frames and the innovative material convey a sense of purism and understatement


Especially impressive is the low weight of 1.8 grams, which ensures optimum wearing comfort and almost makes the frames seem to "float" before the wearer's eyes.

By eliminating hinges, the delicate beta titanium temples adapt smoothly to the head contours; very slight pressure in putting them on is sufficient to prevent the frames from slipping, without leaving unpleasant pressure marks on the skin. In addition, the frames make do without screws and thus keep the danger for astronauts to a minimum - after all, even a tiny loose component may trigger life-threatening situations under space conditions.


The very sturdy, yet super-elastic beta titanium temples easily withstand extreme stress both in outer space and on earth.

Style-conscious trendsetters are fascinated by the aerodynamic lines and fashion-oriented colour scheme. Frame users may choose from a range of sunwear or ophthalmic models.

The "Certified Space TechnologyTM" seal awarded to Titan Minimal Art confirms once more that Silhouette is on the right track, as only continuous research input, top-quality production technologies and innovative design concepts have made the world success of Titan Minimal Art reality.



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