Surf-Grip - Ocean Fitness & Body Surfing Gadget

Surf-Grip - Ocean Fitness & Body Surfing Gadget

Surf-Grip in use

Description: The Surf-Grip is an innovative device for riding waves that offers an affordable alternative to body boards or surf boards. The Surf-Grip is a foam paddle with a handle that beach goers can use to increase their buoyancy while body surfing and get a good ride. It is lightweight and easy to transport, making Surf-Grip an ideal product to bring on beach trips. A wide audience of beach goers and even tourists will be able to pick up the Surf-Grip and enjoy the thrill and power of the ocean. Product Details: • Surf-Grip is a lightweight (EPE) paddle with a handle for buoyancy and planing. • Designed for body surfing. Suitable for a wide range of ages and skills. • Easy to transport and fits in a backpack, making the Surf-Grip ideal for local beach trips or vacations. • The Surf-Grip has been described as the world's smallest body board. • Paddle surfing is a new activity that is easy to experience. •

Surf-Grip - Grab it and go ride the waves!

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Price: $14.99

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