Storm® ARASHI™ Rattling Square 3 & 5

Storm® ARASHI™ Rattling Square 3 & 5

Storm ARASHI Rattling Square 3

Description: If looking to catch bass, look no further than the Storm® ARASHI™ Rattling Square 3 & 5 to find your new favorite lures. Based on the super-crankin’ ARASHI Silent Square, these baits are equipped with a loud internal multi-ball rattle system that replicates the sound of baitfish feeding in the shallows – a virtual siren song for behemoth Bass. The Ratting Square 3 & 5 run at 3-feet and 5-feet respectively and swim with a lively rolling action and pronounced tail kick that drive lunkers loony. Designed with features previously only found on expensive, custom lures – such as a durable circuit board style lip, self-tuning line tie system and rotated hook hangers – each lures’ square lip and buoyant body combines perfectly for triggering reactive bites as the bait cranks into and off of structure. Available in 12 enticing color patterns, the ARASHI Rattling Square 3 & 5 are ready to make some serious noise.

Storm ARASHI Rattling Square 5

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Price: $8.99 to $9.99

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