Score At Hand - Tennis Racket Scorekeeper

Score At Hand - Tennis Racket Scorekeeper

Tennis Racket Scorekeeper

Description: "Score At Hand" has scored around the country with tennis players who want to focus on “being in the game”. Score At Hand is the new tennis racket scorekeeper that goes right on your tennis racket, making sure you’ll know the score at every point. Inventor Christine recalls, “Often when I was really ‘in the point,’ I struggled to remember the score by the end of the rally. Now, with the touch of a finger, I can adjust Score At Hand to the correct score without interrupting the game. The top portion is used for the game score, and the bottom is used for the set score and tiebreaks.” Score At Hand was designed and developed in Hawaii, where tennis is played year-round. Score At Hand works for everyone, but junior and senior players find it especially helpful. You can see Score At Hand in action in this YouTube Video:

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Price: $16.50 to $16.99

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