PGF Personal Golf Fan: The only patented foan designed to fit in your golf cart cup holder.

PGF Personal Golf Fan: The Only Patented Foan Designed To Fit In Your Golf Cart Cup Holder.

Front view of the PGF Personal Golf Fan

Description: Are you tired of being hot on the golf course? We know every golfer has had the same experience- it’s a hot day, the group ahead of you is taking forever, the sun is beating down, and you are starting to sweat. You can try stopping under whatever meager shade is available, or hoping for a breeze, but these only offer temporary relief from the oppressive heat. To make your rounds of golf more comfortable, CYNWARK Corporation developed and patented this high quality portable fan that fits in a golf cart cup holder. The Personal Golf Fan provides relief from the heat and is truly one-of-a kind! Main Features: 1.High air flow for outdoor use. Feels like a 20 MPH wind! 2.Approximate run time of 6½ hrs. on normal speed and 3¾ hrs. on high speed with fully charged battery 3.Battery charge time is under 3 hrs., if completely discharged. 4.High efficiency, high power, ball bearing, long lasting brushless motor. 5.New chemistry Lithium-Ion battery, will not lose charge over time. 6.Portable and designed to fit in 5 different golf carts. 7.Overall height is 19 inches and has a weight of 2 lbs. 8.Battery and charger have built in safety circuits. 9.Fan blade winglets to increase airflow. 10.Includes water resistant carry bag and quick cover raincoat. 11.1) Year Warranty

Back view of the PGF Personal Golf Fan

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Price: $199.99

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