DoD Fitness Tools Help Moms Stay Active and Fit

DoD Fitness Tools Help Moms Stay Active And Fit

DoD Fitness Tools for the Knees, Wrists and Neck

Description: DoD Fitness Knee Donuts were designed to support, stabilize and cushion knees- anytime while kneeling. Your Mom will be more comfortable while exercising, gardening, even cleaning when using the knee donuts. Their unique design holds her knees off the ground, unlike a mat or towel so her knees never have to support her full weight on the hard ground. They have even been found effective for use after knee surgery. DoD Fitness Wrist Wedges are ergonomically designed and angled specifically to reduce stress and pressure on wrists while doing push-ups, downward dog, planks, etc. They are great for moms who exercise, do Pilates or yoga. DoD Fitness Neck Circles will make your mom more comfortable any time she lies on her back-whether exercising, yoga, Pilates, at the spa or physical therapy. Unlike a pillow, the circle needs no manipulating. It will cushion her head and put her neck in the ideal neutral position. Make your mom happy and comfortable this Mother's Day with DoD Fitness Tools. They are new, innovative,lightweight,latex free and made in the USA.

DoD Fitness Tools Provide Support and Comfort

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Price: $9.99 to $19.99

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