Sonya Tuchmann - Taking a Beverly Hills Housewife to Germany

The housewives shows of varying cities across the United States have taken off in recent years and although Haus & Hof in Hollywood on the surface has a similar look, Sonya Tuchmann has put a different spin on it for a different audience.

Sonya, originally from Germany, created Haus & Hof in Hollywood, translated to House and Home in Hollywood, for the German audience. Sonya takes guests on a tour of Hollywood, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more with her three girlfriends as they give the German audience an inside look at the west coast lifestyle and all the beauty and glamour that go with Hollywood.

Sonya on the Red Carpet

“We shoot in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills in their native tongue, it's very successful, it's just not as much screaming and backstabbing, my concept for this was a little bit more "Sex in the City,” Sonya said. “There are a huge number of German actors in Los Angeles, but we had to find the right girls, not only pretty, are great in front of the camera, are open to sharing their lives and can sell the lifestyle, it was a bit challenging to find three girls to fit the bill.”

The show was a hit in its first season in Germany and now Sonya is in discussions to bring it back for season two. The show brings a strong appeal to the German audience as the women all speak German throughout the show. But for those of you in America that would like to get a glimpse of Haus & Hof, you can find it on YouTube translated to English.

The journey to Hollywood was not a short one for Sonya as she went from Germany, to modeling in Paris and then onto New York and after visiting a friend in Los Angeles, she fell in love with the west coast and has never left. Well that is in terms of her permanent residence because she does venture back to Germany a few times a year working on various television ventures and also has hosted an entertainment show that is the “Entertainment Tonight” of Germany.

"The first season was challenging because I took it from scratch, it took me two years from the idea concept, writing the treatment, shooting the sizzle real, editing, but shooting it was really fun," Sonya said. "I've been doing movies and television since the age of 19, I watched directors and production, it was really just learning on the job behind and in front of the camera and I went to UCLA Film School for two years."

In additon to this show, Sonya stays busy with her family including a real estate business with her husband and is also currently working on a new show that deals with German Royalty coming to America and this was is being pitched to Amercian television.

If you are looking for something a big different from what has become the standard on American television, you can check out House and Home in Hollywood in English on the Sonya Tuchmann YouTube Channel.

For more information visit: Sonya Tuchmann

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