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Solitaire-A Game of Dance-Review

By ginger lane

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Before I speak about last Friday’s performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art,


The 7th Chicago Dancing Festival, the 4 day, almost end of summer celebration of the best of dance in Chicago and beyond, and free to all comers, enjoyed another terrific success this past week, culminating in a dazzling display of technique, humor and yearning, some live music, and stunning performances at the Pritzker pavilion in Millenium Park on this perfect, balmy Saturday evening.  Not only were all the pavilion seats filled and the great lawn packed, but both sides of the entrances were lined with folks standing against the concrete walls looking down onto the stage.  The huge appreciative crowd showed their approval and gratitude with loud applause and cheering, standing ovations, and an extended curtain call for the final performance, Bolero, a 17 minute tour-de-force that gets your blood boiling, danced by Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theater to the music of Maurice Ravel.  It was truly a Bravo finish.;      





Published on Jan 17, 2014

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