Quest Bar Giveaway – Say Hello to Mint Chocolate Chunk

The Quest Bar is more appropriately named than any other protein bar on the market. This country is always on the quest for better health and nutrition, the quest to lose a few pounds, the quest to eat better and nothing will take you down the path to succeed in each of those quests than the Quest Bar itself. Quest never rests on its laurels, whether it is introducing chips, pasta or new flavors and they did it again as they just rolled out the stay Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar.

One bite of the new Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar and you will be in a minty chocolatey heaven. Before introducing a new flavor, Quest always makes sure they have it perfected and they did it again. The Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar has all of the rich chocolate flavor that Quest has developed over the years and they added huge chunks of incredible mint flavor to the bar. If you love grabbing that tub of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from the freezer, now you have a healthy alternative. Quest really perfected this delectable pairing of flavors with their latest creation. As always is the case with Quest, you get great flavor and a label that no one else can beat. Quest produces very low carb protein bars with high protein, high fiber and no trans fats, that by itself lets you know that a Quest Bar is something you can feel good about putting into your body. To give you that full feeling as if you just ate a meal, nearly every ounce of carbohydrate in Quest Bars come from fiber. In addition you will find nut butters in your Quest Bars, providing healthy fats and minimal carbs. Before you take you buy a Quest Bar simply compare the label against that of any other protein bar and you will be able to see the difference.

Mint Chocolate Chunk

Quest Bars come in some amazing flavors such as the hard to keep on the shelves Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry Cheesecake and Quest Cravings Peanut Butter Cups and now comes the Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest BarQuest has a flavor for everyone! Quest is more than a bar, they have compiled recipe after recipe that show you how to take your quest bar and turn it into something even more amazing. On such recipe uses the Chocolate Brownie Quest Bar to create a sandwich cookie. Simple ingredients and what you get is a healthy and tasty treat. Quest also features on fan recipe every week and some of the most interesting and unique recipes do come from the many fans of Quest Bars.

To help introduce Splash Magazines Worldwide readers to the Quest world, we have teamed up with Quest to give three lucky readers a box of the latest Quest Bars, Mint Chocolate Chunk.

For a chance to win one of these three prizes you must follow @SplashMagWW on twitter and @QuestNutrition

RT & follow @QuestNutrition & @SplashMagWW 4 a chance 2 #win a box of Quest Mint Chocolate Chunk bars #Giveaway

The three winners will be chosen from all valid entries one per week beginning May 10th, 2015. All decisions by Splash Magazines Worldwide are final.

For more information visit Quest

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